Wave Guide

Enter your whole self~knowing

We live in a culture of speed which has created extreme fragmentation from our source creating stress to the point we're no longer receptive to new forms of nourishment.  When there is a lack of coherency in our system, it creates the feeling of disconnection with Self and the whole of Life.  The key is in discovering how it is you connect with your deepest source of nourishment.  How we source nourishment is highly personal to each individual. 

I provide a safe container space and guide you inward as well as share valuable tools and resources you can use beyond your session time with me.  These are gifts that keep on giving~~~+

We are eternally whole and complete.  There is actually nothing we need to get as we already have it all within.  When we are inner directed and inner sourced, our life flows effortlessly into the next and things show up exactly when we need it most.  We are connected with a broader field of intelligence that guides and in-forms our listening that can lead to inspired action.  What gets in the way is our defense structure (ego identity) conditioned to believe in the illusion of separation.  As we learn to drop below our defense structure and feel into the arising flow as the sensation of pleasure, we resolve fragmentation and feel our resonance with Self and our connection with the whole of Life.

Trust is developed by listening inwardly and following our inspiration, what inspirits us ~ the flow~ that we gain trust in this guiding intelligence.  The more we trust the flow moment-to-moment, the more in-formed and clearer we become and connect with our innate intelligence and source of wisdom that knows what is right and true for us.  Then we are able to respond to life in new ways.  Our life begins to take on a new design that is magical and mystical, engaged in high play and with it more vitality than ever!

I am uniquely gifted and experienced to guide you through these areas:


  • Navigating through spiritual crisis and crisis of meaning (healing crisis)
  • Accessing the deep intuitive or spiritual side of who you are
  • Increasing self-love, healing boundaries and intimacy
  • Moving beyond doubt and confusion and/or feeling stuck and overwhelmed
  • Discovering your life's work, genius and path of nourishment
  • Moving through a change in career, place of residence or economic status
  • Rites of passage (Saturn Return 28-32 , Uranus Opposition 38-42, & Chiron Return 49-51 years old)


  • Balancing your needs with the needs of a relationship without losing your Self
  • Learning how to embrace and use emotional transparency in partnership
  • Increasing love, pleasure and intimacy
  • Communicating your truth with sensitivity, vulnerability and authenticity
  • Changing your marital status or current relationship ending
  • Building a strong, healthy foundation in a new relationship

My approach in guiding you comes from my experience, intuition, and wisdom which I've honed for many years on my own path and through guiding others.  Guiding others authentically is a moment-to-moment process and is unrepeatable.  I listen deeply and guide compassionately.  I encourage and give permission to feel what is arising without conditions so you can move into a refined state of health, function and vitality.  My dedication is to assist you through whatever you're experiencing with greater flow and ease. 

I offer spiritual knowledge on how to re-frame and structure your consciousness from an energetic context to help you integrate a shift in perspective; one that will continually align you with the deeper truth of who you are.  I may be guided to share astrological perspectives that help you cognitively understand where you are within the larger context and cycles of time connected with natural laws.   

Receive your personal one-on-one session with Anah.  Sessions are conducted on the phone and Skype.  If you would like more information, feel free to contact me with questions.

Are you ready to Shift your Perspective?

1 - Private Wave Guide Session

“You are a bright Presence of a goddess with a depth and awareness in transparency. Clear and centered in communication, gracefully bringing out expanded love in others and willing to go the distance to care for others with absolute joy.  I think you represent Beauty and positivity for global change through an individual conscious shift.  I value you!”

~Kahea Chong, Doula & Mom