About Skydancer Astrology

Bringing Starlight Home To Earth

Skydancer Astrology explores the radiance of your individual nature, the essence of your Soul longing to shine it's true star power here on Earth.  A Skydancer Astrology session introduces you to the evolutionary forces in your Soul nature which in-form your dynamic dance of embodiment.  You'll learn insights into where the Soul has been, its current life purpose, and ultimately the Souls future potential.


Skydancer Astrology aligns it's philosophical outlook with Evolutionary Astrology which is grounded in natural laws, principals and truths that govern the expansion of human consciousness.  Natural laws are self-evident in nature. Therefore, it cuts through traditional astrology by diving deeply into what the Soul mission is to enhance your life experience for the fulfillment of your unique purpose. It provides a framework, a body of knowledge that can be understood through direct observation and correlation measuring the growth and evolution of a Soul from life to life. 

When applicable, your reading will include your unique Star Marking(s); that of a Star Seed mission.

Sessions are conducted via phone and Skype.  Each session is recorded and sent via email as an MP3 file.  When placing your appointment online, please include your complete birth date, birth place and birth time data.  An accurate birth time is essential for your reading.

Skydancer Astrology Reading with Anah

“Anah, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for the catalyst your powerful astrology reading provided for me today. As you know, I have been grappling with a life-time old issue that has seriously limited me in this lifetime. It has been so "up" of late.  Then just 3 hours after my reading, it suddenly erupted, spilling its pain, showing me exactly what I needed to understand, and the simple steps for correction. To say I am grateful to you understates my moment. My warm embrace would express better, but you're there and I'm here, and sharing it now must do. I love you.”

~Marianne Weidlein, Facilitator, Mentor, and Author of EmpoweringVision

More about Skydancer Astrology~

A session focuses on where you are in your current cycle and rhythm of your wave.  Being informed and knowing where you are in your wave will help you navigate choices that are aligned with your Souls purpose and evolution while embracing your humanity.  It weaves together a synthesis between: 

Why have I come here?  What are my lessons?  Where can I focus to evolve my Soul and expand my current level of consciousness? 

Pluto, representing the Soul, contains pre-existing subconscious patterns in identity association that an individual naturally gravitates to for emotional security reasons.  However, if you stay where you naturally gravitate you will continue to learn through hard lessons until the pattern is finally broken.  When you become aware of what has been essentially an unconscious process, you can then become aware of how the past has conditioned your Soul.  Conditioning occurs because of a distortion with natural law.  Natural law is merely the ebb and flow in nature.  It is the natural movement of energy in motion.  If this natural energy has been traumatized through conditioning through man-made laws or religious dogma,  your identity can become distorted and confused.  A session can clarify the 'why' in these patterns and offer insights and guidance enabling one to self-empower and create a life reflecting a Soul's deepest desires and intention for this life.

"You are this huge blessing which attunes me to things I wouldn't see ~~ and I am more informed to make choices this way ~~ for the Queendom of my Heart!

~Elizabeth Corrigan, Sacred Movement Arts Practitioner

Skydancer Astrology Reading with Anah