Testimonials for Anah Laudenslager

" Anah provided a series of business consulting sessions with me. I found her to be sensitive to my challenges yet stretching me open to receive new possibilities. These sessions supported me through the following days helping me through the transitions I want to make in my life.  Her ability to guide me inwardly through experiential breath, movement and sound allow me to let go of old patterns and receive inspiration.  These experiences go deeper than words can say, helping me connect with myself in ways that are grounding, rich and whole.  She uses feminine principals that help me develop a relationship with the unknown, and how to attune to deeper wisdom within myself that are nourishing.  Anah is a unique and special guide to places in ourselves and our lives that offer strength and inspiration on our healing journey. I also appreciate and sense Anah's intention and integrity coming from a higher place in her coaching and consulting, and a deep desire to assist others in a heartfelt and life-changing way. I am very grateful for having Anah as a spiritual resource in my life."

Christi Ione
RN & Clinical Research Professional
Elk Grove, IL

"I fell in love with Anah.  She has been my rock I can count on to be lovingly honest, non-judgmental and sincere. Even though she may not have agreed with certain decisions I made, it helped me find the courage within to take risks while she held the bigger picture and saw me through it.  She can step in and out like in a perfect dance.  She helps shine the light so what may have been obscure becomes clear and I felt at ease to step forward.  Most of all, I could tell her anything and all there ever was is LOVE. Thank you for being in my life."

~Kylee Desilets
Coach/Consultant, Healer
Montreal, Canada

"After working with Anah, I have fallen in love with me.  I embrace my whole being.  I recognize and own who I am in my entirety.   That alone has changed my life!  I am able to recognize a feeling inside; to sit with it and then verbalize what I feel and what it is I need. This new way of identifying feelings has changed my relationship with my self and everyone I interact with. It takes me from a place of reaction to a place of acceptance and love.

In summary, I've grown into my self.  I love who I am with all my wonderful qualities and imperfections. I embrace who I am and know I am strong and capable of taking the best care of me ever. I move forward with the confidence and tools I have always desired.  So from the bottom of my heart and soul, I thank you, Anah, for your incredible guidance and loving space you provided for me to learn and grow."

~Elizabeth Lowey, CRS CDPE

Managing Broker/Owner
Aurora, CO

"Anah is a Natural Tantric Healer.  Her intuitive ability to feel into a person's system and support them in moving through their stagnation and contractions ~to reveal the vital spirit~ is very affective.  Her process requires the space of slowing down and being present with sensations, emotions and Eros.  Anah also has the gift of using Evolutionary Astrology and Gene Keys as a tool to further pinpoint and track a person’s individual situation.  Anah is the kind of person that when you talk to her about a project or situation you begin to receive insights.  Her presence is a profound one indeed.

Thank you for being in my life and for being YOU. You put so much into motion with the work and my life. You instigated the Hawaii Retreat at Kalani which I feel got the ball rolling for the phase of my life I am in now. Deep bows of appreciation to you and for you my sister."

~Cass Phelps, Owner & Creator of Awake-One and Five Signals, Author
Kapaa, HI

"Anah's capacity to be in the flow with my process created a safe environment for me to feel my feelings."

~Pamelah Landers, Master Hand Analyst, International Author

Los Angeles, CA


"In working with Anah, I felt safe in the loving space she held for me to go deeply and intimately into the painful and contracted perspective I was holding inside my body.  As a sage and highly intuitive adviser, I experienced Anah to be a rare muse ~ "a wise one"  ~ with a gift of being able to shed new light on a situation...that always opens me to new perspectives I hadn't seen before. A creative new way birthed now...I am very excited, hopeful and inspired!  Anah has a smile that lights up wherever she goes.  Her fierce Love for people and hunger for Truth gives ample proof of her commitment for the highest resolution to her client's needs.  I heartily recommend Anah to bring out the best of what you don't yet see yourself to be!"

~Allen David Reed, Visionary Leader, Social Architect

Melbourne, Australia

"Anah has a passion for movement as breath, the fluid body, unfolding in the flow of love, and awakening the soul.  She is one of wisest and sparkly women I know. She has a depth of experience in personal growth and transformation over the years using coaching, movement practices, breathwork, astrology, Venus codes, and hidden spiritual knowledge of the Sacred Feminine. She's a total tantrika; she holds the sexual energy as sacred and lovingly animates it and teaches how to move with it in our bodies and lives.  Anah is a crystal master.  Her art form is crafting beautiful gemstone jewelry creations to adorn us as goddesses, and through her transformational coaching we learn to embody this crystalline feminine energy ~~ and remember we are the Radiant Gems! I honor Anah as a powerful facilitator, for she listens deeply with her heart. Through inspiration she guides the group field, liberates stuck energy, encourages people to reveal themselves to themselves, and alchemizes it all to allow love and evolution to shine through." 

~Elizabeth Betwixt, Wise Women Pelvic Care Specialist

Boulder, CO

“Anah's inspired guidance really helped me get in touch with my deeper desires and passions and what my soul wants. It was magical how my trip to Peru unfolded after I faced and stepped through huge fears. So thank you!!

~Laurie Bolton, Artist & Massage Therapist

Kapaa, HI


"My life is enriched with Anah because she carries the gift of Presence.  Through Presence she is able to see what is truly needed in any given moment that reflects what is authentic and real.  She is a natural healer and teacher and I find this to be most valuable and precious."

~Kahea Chong, Doula & Mother

Pahoa, HI

(image not shown)

"Anah's work is as simple as breathing and as expansive as the Milky Way.  I say that primarily because she is remarkably attuned with the nuances of each individual's energetic body.  She is able to apply this skill with her exquisitely personable, safe, and knowledgeable focus.  My time with Anah and its lasting effects has been a truly transformative life experience and I highly recommend her if you are ready to metamorphose."

~Gemma Lila, Author

Pahoa, HI

“I found my session with Anah to be transformational.   Energy blockages were released as she was totally present with me, supporting the process without directing it and allowed the session to move forward with depth and grace.   I just requested another session as I desire to move forward to the next level and I know she can assist me.  She is experienced, focused, open-hearted and empowered in her presence and work."

~Diana Byrnes, Intuitive Spiritual Counselor

Portland, OR


“My thanks to you, Anah, for one of the most profound experiences of facilitation in healing I’ve received in past 15 years.  You created a healing "space" like no other! You gave me permission to let go of deeply imbedded trauma…something that requires multi-dimensional gifts.  It was key for me to feel the level of trust and connection you created in order to resolve the depth of my trauma.  I literally feel lighter, can breathe easier and have expanded awareness and clarity that came from a shift in perspective that you facilitated so sacredly. Thank you again for sharing your skills and gifts of love so freely and joyfully!”

~James Ayotte, Hypnotherapist

Pahoa, HI



"Working with Anah helped me develop a whole new relationship to my breath and my being. By my second and third session with her, I realized how conscious breathing is super transformational. When you open your breath and let it move you, you open your life to more inspiration, ecstasy and consciousness. Anah is truly gifted. She's like a breath of pure spirit, knowing where to guide you in each moment. I will always cherish the healing I experienced during her sessions. Ultimately through her presence, I was eventually able to align with my true vocation in life."


~Janie Michael, Essence Poetica

Ashland, OR


 (image not shown)

"Full Wave Breathing with Anah was a transformative experience.  All 3 of my sessions were cathartic in a gentle way.  My breath set the pace, Anah kept me steady with the methodology of breathing life into every cell, opening to my breath, opening to myself more deeply.  Anah guided with a compassionate heart and vision which made my experience expansive, safe and invigorating.  I walked away from each session lightened by the release of deep tension.”

~Privacy honored


"In my initial experience with Anah, I felt I could trust her completely. I allowed huge emotions I’d been carrying inside to be faced and integrated safely that brought about a great sense of relief. Once my inner journey was complete, I noticed my energy change, as did the people in my life. My experience helped me see a new perspective into problems and emotions where I no longer felt stuck or fearful of things I needed to face. It has greatly helped me believe in myself and to listen to my inner voice without second guessing. It has also helped me feel and be softer in a way that brought out the woman inside me that I am so proud to be."

~Lisa Burns Knox, Hairstylist & Mom

Los Angeles, CA