Radiant Gem: Beauty Awakening Essence

Radiant Gem is the recognition of our inner light essence fully awakened. Our seed of light is encoded with our uniqueness.  As our light awakens, it informs our life and nourishes our infinite potential through the process of embodiment. 
Awakening our inner light can be a wondrous exploration of Self-discovery. It's about knowing the deeper truth of our divinity as God/dess in action.  Knowing who we are is not separate from our direct experience. It's empowering and liberating to Know Thyself!  To the degree we can be intimate and loving with our self is the degree we can be intimate and loving with others.

Light has a direct bearing on our physical, emotional and mental health and well-being.  When we run our light essence, life flows with intuitive awareness, flashes of insight, new perspectives and a deeper knowing that is inherently creative. Radiating our light magnetically attracts the right people, the right projects and the right opportunities to us through synchronicity which can be effort-less. As we grow in the light of our personal soul evolution and raise our consciousness, we also serve the whole of humanity and our greater planetary unfoldment.

Remembering who we are requires a Return to Energetic Balance. Using feminine principals, we give birth to wisdom in the physical through an embodiment process.  As we learn how each of us uniquely accesses the source of life within, it resolves internal conflict and confusion and offers peace.  Together we'll work from a conceptual framework into practical application experientially.  

My energizing insights, intuitive guidance and embodied wisdom spark the illumination of your Inner Light Seed.  I presence your healing~awakening and support you in refining and polishing your personal facets to create a brilliant life that you love. You already are the treasure waiting to be fully discovered!

It would be my sacred honor to be your devoted Wave Guide in
awakening your inner light essence~~~+

Radiantly yours,
Anah Laudenslager

Sedona, Arizona
"I want the light
locked inside to awaken:
crystalline flower,
wake as I do:
eyelids raise the curtain of endless earthen time
until deeply buried eyes flash clear enough again
to see their own clarity." ~Pablo Neruda