Full-Wave Breathing

Open your inspiration, recreate your life and your relationship with others using your capacity to breathe fully and freely~

Breath is essential to embodiment and the best way to increase your capacity to give and receive love. Breath is the source of all movement. All movement originates with inhaling and exhaling.  To inhale is to inspire and excite form.  To exhale is to expire and dissolve form.  Movement, or lack of it, relates directly to how we are breathing.  

Bodily structures become shaped, accommodated, enhanced or diminished by how breath spreads, is held, forced, labored or freed.  Healing, growth and all mobility, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, are enhanced significantly by the dexterity of breath. 

Most people underutilize their full capacity to breathe. This undermines the expression of our health. Without health we cannot enjoy play, work, relationship to others and so on.  We assume that breathing comes naturally, so we don't pay attention to how we breathe.  Breathing is automatic, to some extent, yet there is a dexterity and complexity to breath that requires fine-tuning that can be learned and applied to improve the quality of your life.  

When we encounter something we don't want to feel, whether it is a physical injury or emotional trauma, we automatically restrict our breath which decreases sensation and allows us to cope.  Yet these adaptations also compromise our ability to feel pleasure, vitality, inner peace and well-being.  The more you open your breathing, the more present you will be to your life.  

Our cells are respirating and the more they breathe, the more they allow us to connect with love, and the less life feels stagnant and dissociated from ourself and others.  You begin to have command over your moment-to-moment experience and how you respond to life through the simple yet profound awareness of your breath.  When you are in your now moment and coherent, new choices arise out of a shift in perspective.  When you use your entire body as an organ of perception, you embrace the world and sense your place in it more deeply. 

"With every breath is a new moment of Creation." ~Anah

Experience the awesome power of breath to transform your life!

Breathwork not only heals the physical body, it supports the unraveling of limited beliefs, emotional patterns, physical blocks, imprints from birth, childhood, and past experiences from the cells of your body. 

Improve your overall health and well-being with the simplicity of your breath. Every breath we take is sacred, an opportunity to connect to our deepest essence.

Breath sessions are held privately in person.  Sessions are conducted fully clothed on a mat or massage table.  Sessions are approximately 75 minutes in length from start to finish.  Wear comfortable clothing that supports the movement of breath in and out of your belly.  Please allow a minimum of 90-minutes to digest food prior to your session.

"Take your heart out into the vast fields of light
and let it breathe..." ~Hafiz

Experience the power of your breath as a vehicle for consciousness, healing and transformation~~~+

Experience a Full-Wave Breathing Session                

Experience lasting change through a highly recommended package of 3-breath sessions.  This way you are able to integrate and assimilate what comes up in between sessions, receive support and allow you to go deeper into creating long lasting change for the good~~~+

3- Breath Sessions Package

I found my sessions with Anah to be transformational.   Energy blockages were released as she was totally present with me, supporting the process without directing it and allowed the session to move forward with depth and grace.   She is experienced, focused, open-hearted and empowered in her presence and work."

~Diana Byrnes, Intuitive Spiritual Counselor

"Full Wave Breathing was a transformative experience.  All 3 of my sessions were cathartic in a gentle way.  My breath set the pace, Anah kept me steady with the methodology of breathing life into every cell, opening to my breath, opening to myself and others more deeply.  Anah guided with a compassionate vision and heart which made my experience expansive, safe and invigorating.  I walked away from each session lightened by the release of deep tension.

~Privacy honored