Feng Shui Consultation

Feng Shui examines the close relationship between our well-being and our living and working environment. The knowledge of Feng Shui teaches us how to eliminate an environment’s harmful influences on an individual’s life, and to optimize one’s life by acquiring comfort and happiness from the environment.  Feng Shui Principles impart the concepts of Energy Qi Flow, Harmony, Balance which produces Beauty - a higher principle which reflects Celestial Qualities.

Feng Shui says that your home is a direct reflection of your life; in other words, your home is always sending you messages. In order to create a truly nurturing space for yourself, it’s imperative that you understand the relationship between you, your life and your home.  Anything that is out of alignment in you or your life will be reflected in your home. 

Give yourself the gifting by working with Anah one-on-one in your home and/or work space to optimize the support and harmony your space can provide.  As a practicing Feng Shui consultant and transformational wave guide, I can help you integrate purposeful changes to create maximum clarity, always aligning with your specific desires and intentions. 

I offer a holistic blend of practical and spiritual approaches so that you can create the home that supports you and a life that inspires you.

Level 1 On-Site Consultation

A Feng Shui consultation is a full assessment of your space, the layout, placement of furniture, the energy of your environment, space clear and house blessing.  You'll also receive follow-up support via email within 30 days.

Residential Rate:  Minimum $325 for the first 2.5 hours (includes local travel time) plus $100 per hour thereafter.  Most residential consultations can be completed within 2 to 3 hours.

Commercial Rate:  Minimum $350 for the first 2.5 hours (including local travel time) plus $125 per hour thereafter.  Most commercial consultations can be completed within 2 to 3 hours.  

What you need to provide for your Feng Shui Consultation:
  • Detailed floor plan (11" x 17" maximum, 8” X 11” preferred) drawn to scale showing all doors and windows. If you don't have a floor plan, allow extra time for one to be drawn during your appointment.

To initiate your consultation, please use the Buy Now button below.  You may use Contact, to discuss your unique situation with your phone number and questions. 

I accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards.  You do not need a PayPal account in order to pay securely.  Note:  Additional time spent over the minimum will be collected at the time of your consultation via cash or personal check or credit card via Square Reader from my mobile phone.

Level 1 Residential Consultation $325

Level 1 Commercial Consultation $350

Level 2 On-Site Consultation

A Second visit concentrates on energetic enhancements using products to enhance and uplevel your support for balance and harmony.  Products for a Level 2 consultation are based on building upon your Level 1 consultation.  Products will be fully discussed with you in advance of their purchase so you take part in this process.  Product costs are over and above the actual consultation itself.  


Residential Fees:  Minimum $325 for the first 2.5 hours (includes local travel time) plus $100 per hour thereafter.

Commercial Fees:  Minimum $350 for the first 2.5 hours (includes local travel time) plus $125 per hour thereafter.

To initiate your Level 2 Consultation, please click on Buy Now belowYou may use
Contact, to discuss your unique situation in advance with your phone number and questions. 

Level 2 Residential Consultation $325

Level 2 Commercial Consultation $350

More About Feng Shui:

The Black Hat Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui (BTB) was developed in the U.S. in mid-eighties by His Holiness Grandmaster Thomas Lin Yun. Black Sect is a synthesis of Shamanic and wisdom teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, Taoism and Classical Feng Shui. It recognizes there is no separation between consciousness, intention and form, that all form is an expression of intention, and a constant and emergent communication between them.  Creation arises out of consciousness, the artist, the intender and where one places their attention.  Qi, the vital force, is both the medium and the message.  Changing the Qi of a place changes the situation's inherent intention, changing the luck/fate/karma of the inhabitants.  BTB works with the energy of the space and often uses secret cures, mantras, specific meditations and other techniques to bring about the desired change. 


Mapping out good fortune:  The Bagua

The Bagua (pronounced Bah Gwah) is the basic map used in Feng Shui.  The Bagua comes from the I Ching, the ancient Chinese book of divination, and represents the 8 treasures or areas in life that need to be cultivated to live in balance and harmony.  These 8 treasures are:


  • Wealth
  • Health and Family
  • Love and Relationships
  • Creativity
  • Career/Right Livelihood
  • Knowledge and Self Cultivation
  • Fame and Reputation
  • Helpful People and Travel

According to Feng Shui, and from my own direct experience, all aspects of life are significantly enriched and strengthened when the Bagua of the home or workplace has been properly mapped out and enhanced.  It becomes a wonderfully empowering tool to take charge of our lives, our environment, and our world.  It also bring beauty to Beauty. 


Anah began her studies in Feng Shui in 1998 in Minnesota with Carole Hyder who has become an International Feng Shui Expert.  Carole received her training and transmission directly from His Holiness Grandmaster Professor Thomas Lin Yun.  Carole then developed the Wind & Water School of Feng Shui that is licensed by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education.  Additionally, Anah continued her Feng Shui studies with Baubologist and Master Feng Shui Consultant, Panther Wilde when she lived on the island of Kauai between 2000-2004.

With keen perception and depth of wisdom and experience, Anah will assess your home or workplace to create a quantum shift in the quality of energy flowing throughout your surroundings, and therefore, your life.