Egypt Pilgrimage

Anah & Quest Travel presents a magnificent and private,

Sacred Pilgrimage experience to Egypt


Living Presence ~ Awake in the Dream

April 1 - 13, 2017

This spiritual journey features a

Private 8-Night Nile Cruise

 12 Magical Nights & 13 Sacred Days

Private Visit to Great Pyramid,

Sphinx & Isis Temple


Multiple Sacred Sites & Temple Visits

This pilgrimage is a powerful journey of initiation.  We will dive deeply into the heart of Mystery and allow the magic of these ancient motherlands to inform us directly. We will enter ancient cities, sacred temple sites, and the Holy of Holies within them and re-inhabit our “whole” body and land as Temple. This activates dormant, latent potentials within.  It can catalyze a re-membering of lost knowledge as we Awake in the Dream and cultivate Living Presence.  We will sail the Nile river as nourishment and navigate the celestial waters of liquid light moving up our spines, and unifying it with the heavens. We become dream~navigators of cosmic consciousness, embodied light architects of a new multi-dimensional matrix founded in Love and Peace dreaming a new world into being.


We will experience... Cairo Museum ~ Giza Pyramids ~ King's & Queen's Chamber ~

The Sphinx ~ Aswan & Luxor Markets ~ Isis Temple at Philae ~ Kom Ombo ~

Edfu Temple ~ The Valley of the Kings ~ Deir el Bahari (Hatshepsut Temple) ~

Karnak ~ Luxor ~ King Tut Treasures ~ Dendara Temple ~  

Also included are . . .
Private time at The Sphinx
Private time in the King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid (2 hours)
Private sunrise time at Philae's Isis Temple
"The Afandina" - The Luxurious, Private Yacht on The Nile

The Afandina - You Tube Video

Egypt Itinerary Summary

Day 1:  Sat., April 1st                 Arrival Cairo

Day 2:  Sun., April 2nd             Egyptian Museum / Welcome Dinner

Day 3:  Mon., April 3rd             Great Pyramid / Sphinx / Aswan / Afandina

Day 4:  Tues., April 4th            Aswan / Felucca / Aswan Market

Day 5:  Wed., April 5th             Philae Temple / Sail to Kom Ombo

Day 6:  Thurs., April 6th          Sail to Edfu / Temple of Horus

Day 7:  Fri., April 7th                Sail to Esna

Day 8:  Sat., April 8th               Sail to Luxor / West Bank / Hatshepsut / Valley of the Kings

Day 9:  Sun., April 9th              Karnak / Luxor Temples

Day 10: Mon., April 10th          Dendera Temple / Abydos / Luxor Market

Day 11: Tues., April 11th           Luxor/ Cairo / El Moaz Street / Khan El Khalili Bazaarz

Day 12: Wed., April 12th          Old Cairo / Farewell Dinner

Day 13: Thurs, April 13th         Final Departure

  EGYPT Price
Double occupancy per person: $3999.00
Single Supplement: Add $ 900.00
Price does not include your round trip flight to/from Cairo, Egypt
Limited space available (16 total)

For serious inquiries & itinerary, email

Sacred Journey Facilitator:


Anah’s passion and purpose inspires people to awaken the inner light of their soul essence as a hidden treasure containing a radiant gem.  She’s been assisting people to refine and polish the facets of their life to help reveal their unique creative intelligence to them directly through an embodiment process of Self-discovery. This opens new pathways and portals to creatively express it in the world.  She is devoted to Living the Path of Love and Inspiration sharing universal principals and feminine wisdom as the Return to Energetic Balance.

Throughout our Egypt journey, Anah will be the space holder for the group while energetically supporting each participant to discover their own personal focus and intention on their path of Self-remembering. She welcomes each participant to share their unique discoveries and insights along the way as a fun, co-creative and collaborative journey between masters, teachers and students from all walks of Life~~~+

Radiantly yours, Anah