Awaken Your Radiance

Supporting your movement into recognizing you are a radiant gem~

Awakening your radiance, dancing your light on purpose and embodying gem-like qualities requires a Return to Inner Balance.


The foundation of this process is based in Eros and Inspiration.  Eros is all-encompassing Love that has the power to heal, and therefore, neutralize the idea of separation from the Source of Life.  Inspiration is living a life in-spirit.  All relating to anyone or anything is based in our relationship with Spirit and being able to trust it fully. 

I share an energetic field that supports you in understanding your consciousness, not your form, to experience a shift in perspective and a quantum leap in consciousness.  This opens you to a broader field of intelligence that allows for new perspectives to be realized and integrated into your daily reality.

Sessions are a combination of addressing what is present in your life and then we work with it internally in the body using breath and unstructured fluid movement.  You are not limited by the boundaries of time/space, locality and conditions.  This new found awareness brings you back into balance and coherency in your system, aligned with the truth that lives deep within your heart.  This inner work is deeply nourishing and life-sustaining.  It promotes vitality, inner peace, joy, creativity and well-being on all levels.


You'll be given resources and guidance so you can play with how to access your own highly personal relationship with Source.  A Return to Inner Balance necessitates we build trust with our spirit.  I am fully committed to keeping you focused and on track in the direction that creates lasting change and your truest sense of fulfillment.

As your partner and guide, I presence the awakening of your spark, your own truth as light that is encoded within you and bringing it out into the light as your true Self.  Self-awakening is an experiential process of direct knowing and remembering your true essential nature. 

You'll learn to cultivate a relationship with the eternal source of life within where you are centered in your core Being and in the Eternal as Spirit fully invested in the physical body.  This connection begins to unravel and resolves your defense structure/ego identity.  Your true essence is your authentic Self-expression living its fullest potential.

"You cultivate inner core stability not by rearranging the circumstances of your life,
but by realizing who you are at the deepest levels."

Awaken Your Radiance ~ consists of 9 sessions within a 3-month period.  We'll work together over phone, Skype or in person.  You'll also have access to me via email support during this length of time.

Awaken Your Radiance Package

"Your work is healing for the soul like a massage is for the body."

"The best way to embrace change is to embrace your "gift" because no matter what change occurs you still have that gift to offer within that change."  ~Jason Hairston