About Radiant Gem

Offering guidance and resources to enter your whole~self knowing

Radiant Gem's Philosophy~

All life is a sacred dance of conscious embodiment or ensoulment of Light into physical form.  As we embody light we spiritualize matter through an inner mystery school; a direct path to source Self-knowledge or gnosis. Knowledge of Self is to know God which is not separate from our experience.  We are the source of our own experiences; how life is moving through us, not happening to us and how we project through our own lens of perception and make meaning from it.

Radiant Gem represents the recognition of our pure essence.  It's the liberated Light of the indwelling vital Spirit, the Source of Life within.  It breathes and nourishes us as we allow it to fully inhabit our form.  The nature of embodiment is Light, the Eternal Spirit that renews all Life. 

Being in the world but not of it requires a shift in perspective from seeing power outside of the self to seeing it internally.  Transcendance inspires new pathways to Source intelligence within.

To shine is to radiate Light out from our Center in service to the Life Force/Eros.  Eros is all-encompassing love, which includes our sexuality within it and inspires new movement and informs our flow.  It interweaves between all form and the formless connecting us with the whole of Life.  Learning to be fluid, supple, resilient and responsive to new ways of being and relating must go beyond our self-limiting identity that creates the illusion of separation from Source.  It's about moving into alignment with the deeper truth of who we truly are, as a Radiant Gem.  Learning how to track and navigate your natural cycles and rhythms and becoming conscious of it and trusting it completely is the journey.  It's creative Light in the dance of unity~

O friend, understand: the body
is like an ocean,
rich with hidden treasures.
Open your inmost chamber and light its lamp.
Within the body are gardens,
rare flowers, peacocks, the inner Music;
within the body a lake of bliss,
on it the white soul-swans take their joy.