About Radiant Gem Jewelry

Simply elegant, exquisitely feminine, masterfully hand-crafted gemstone jewelry that attunes you vibrationally with your inner light radiance.

Each finished gemstone design is energetically cleared and recharged using sound as a vibrational means of bringing the angelic realm into the physical.  Bathing gemstones with a special sound raises their vibrational frequency to their pristine state.  When worn on the body, gemstones radiate protection, beauty and healing energy to the wearer. 

May you Walk in Beauty~!

Here is a sneak preview~~~+


Peridot "Green with Envy" in Sterling Silver               Multi-color FWP "Aphrodite" in Sterling Silver           Chalcedony "Nature's Dew" 14K YGF

17" length with 2" drop ~ $195                                  17" length with 2" drop ~ $360                                  18" length with hammered oval ~ $285


 Carnelian "Solar Feminine" in 14K YFG                       Chalcedony "Raindrops from Heaven" tied Silk         Lemon Quartz "Lemon Squeeze" in Sterling S

 17" length with 2" drop ~ $185                                        17" length with Sterling Clasp ~ $475                           17" length ~ $155                 

"The purpose of art is not to show the external of things, but the internal - that is the true reality."