About Radiant Gem Jewelry

Radiant Gem design simply elegant, masterfully hand-crafted gemstone bead jewelry designs. Radiant Gem jewelry represents the outer expression of a woman's awakened inner light essence.  

Each finished gemstone design is bathed in sound to energetically clear and recharge stones to their pristine frequency. When worn on the body provide energetic protection and healing energy to the wearer. 

Here is a sneak preview~~~+


Peridot "Green with Envy" in Sterling Silver               Multi-color FWP "Aphrodite" in Sterling Silver           Chalcedony "Nature's Dew" 14K YGF

17" length with 2" drop ~ $195                                  17" length with 2" drop ~ $360                                  18" length with hammered oval ~ $285


 Carnelian "Solar Feminine" in 14K YFG                       Chalcedony "Raindrops from Heaven" tied Silk         Lemon Quartz "Lemon Squeeze" in Sterling S

 17" length with 2" drop ~ $185                                        17" length with Sterling Clasp ~ $475                           17" length ~ $155                 

"The purpose of art is not to show the external of things, but the internal - that is the true reality."