About Anah

Insightful ~ Inspirational ~ Innovative ~ Illuminating ~ Intuitive ~

Anah serves others as a spiritual counselor/adviser, teacher, coach and mentor in private practice. Her love of study and education are in the field of somatic movement, sacred feminine, astrology, health and healing arts, awakening and the path of erotic spirituality.  For more than 20 years, Anah has been educating, guiding and facilitating men and women in private practice and small groups. Anah exudes passion and generosity of spirit in sharing sacred knowledge and feminine wisdom to awaken your essence self and exponentially expand consciousness. As a Wave Guide, she helps you conceive your light sacredness, navigate your flow and embody the currency of new potentials into Being.  

Anah uses the tools of Evolutionary Astrology, Gene Keys and her intuitive insights to help illuminate your truest path toward soul growth, transformation and evolution in consciousness.

Her devotion is to Walk in Beauty, to serve the creative life force energy/Eros and to awaken the seed of light in others through her Being. She inspires unity with your spiritual center and ignites new pathways to incarnate fully toward becoming ensouled through an embodiment process.  Her offerings weave natural, universal laws and principles with the intellectual function through experiential learning.

Anah's natural state ignites the innate, creative intelligence in others revealing their natural gifts and their greatest path of nourishment toward health, well-being, vitality and right livelihood.  She is a bridger of realms that narrow the gap between where you are currently and where you want to BE. Recognizing your true Being is to become Self-referential; inner sourced + inner directed = inner sustained by the living light flow.  She's dedicated to awakening the vital spirit within through the Path of Love and Erotic Spirituality for the flourishing of all Life.


Through a series of spiritual initiations, she experienced directly the Eternal nature of the soul and awakened her latent gifts. These initiations catalyzed a deep Self-remembering and expansion in consciousness revealing gnosis.

Answering the call of spirit to live in Hawaii offered the blessing of slowing down, moving inwardly and unraveling from the density and cult of speed from mainland conditioning.  Living in the tropic band which receives the greatest amount of sunlight allowed her consciousness to expand exponentially.  The focus of her own personal inner work taught her directly how to integrate and assimilate all of this extraordinary light into her biology. Her offerings are influenced by several cutting edge teachers that are not well-known in the mainstream.  One of her greatest teachings came by participating in an Ecstatic Dance community on the Big Island for 4 years.  She felt it was an incredible laboratory representing the microcosm of the macrocosm, as above so below, and how to show up for your self and dance your life awake.


Anah is certified as a Full-Wave® Breathing facilitator with The International Breath Institute and certified as a Shamanic Trance Dance facilitator with The Natale Institute.  Anah has studied and mentored extensively with Cass Phelps, of Awake-One: Entering the flow of life & the Five Signals Practice: The Sensory Language of Our Bodies Toward Nourishment & Vitality.  Mariane Karou of Dance Alive: An integrative system of movement that taps the source of all creative energy. Common to both Mariane Karou and Cass Phelps is their teacher, Emilie Conrad of Continuum; a pioneering, world-renowned self-discovery and movement method. Continuum Movement is based on the basic tenet of the body as movement and that all fluids function as fundamentally one undulating stream of intelligence. 

Anah's life has also been greatly influenced through her direct experience in a hidden women's mystery school held across the Hawaiian islands called The Rounds of Venus: Building a Platform for Erotic Spirituality, Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA, and Hearts in Harmony with Katie and Gay Hendricks and Feminine Power course with Claire Zammit.  Anah considers herself a consummate student of Life and continues to deepen her Self-discovery movement process~~~+